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What Does The Name Hana Mean In Japanese

And thirdly Hana usually rendered by the kanji 花 or 華 in Japanese means flower blossom. حنه is a Muslim girls Names.

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What does the name hana mean in japanese. Without her there isnt any point of life. Ha na means flower in Japanese. See Johana for further details.

SAP HANA is a modern in-memory database and platform that is deployable on premise or in the cloud. The Japanese translation of Hana is flower blossom. In Korean it means number one and in Hawaiian Hana means craft or work.

What does Hannah mean in Islam. English Translation flower More meanings for 花 Hana Find more words.

If you would like to suggest one or more categories for the name click hereWe have plenty of different baby name categories to search for special meanings plus popular and unique names search our database before choosing but also note. It means Gracious Czech form. An Arabic name meaning bliss.

Hana is the most beautiful intelligent caring considerate loving awesome person to know. A special name that is sure to be loved. The name Hina is in the following categories.

Simple and sophisticated it is a name considered by many parents. Also a Japanese name see Hanako Spanish variant of Hannah and Slavic variant of Johanna. It is used mainly in Arabic English and Japanese.

It consists of 4 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced Ha-na. What does 華 Hana mean in Japanese. The meaning of the name Hana is different in several languages countries and cultures and has more than one.

In Arabic bliss and happiness. English Translation flower More meanings for 華 Hana flower noun 花 草花 一花 petal noun 花弁 花びら 弁 花片 Find more words. Akai red red color.

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The Given Name Hana Hana is a diminutive of Johana. It is also a Kurdish name meaning hope هانا a Persian name meaning flower حنا citation needed and an Arabic name meaning bliss هناء. Hana is of Japanese origin.

And to know the Hawaiians the two go hand in hand. Akihiko 明彦 昭彦 あきひこ. It is of Arabic Japanese Hawaiian Spanish and Slavic origin and the meaning of Hana is happiness.

As a personal name it is a Jewish variant transliteration of Hannah meaning the Grace of God. The name Hana means flower blossom.

From Japanese 晶 aki meaning clear crystal 明 aki meaning bright or 秋 aki meaning autumn. In Korean it means the number one 하나. It is pronounced HH AA Naa-.

What does 鼻 Hana mean in Japanese. Fashion designer Hanae Mori. I mean what does the title ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai mean.

Flower bud – Blossom favourite. Hana as a girls name is pronounced HAH-nah. The name Hannah does not mean anything in Japanese though it sounds a bit like the Japanese word.

Pronounced Hana is the Japanese word for flower. In Hawaiian Hana means craft or work. The meaning of name Hannah is Affection What does Hannah mean in Urdu.

HANA means flower in Japanese 花 like fiori in Italian. HANA is an acronym and stands for Hassos New Architecture HANA is a place on Maui island Hawaii. From Japanese 花 hana or 華 hana both meaning flower.

As a Japanese name it is usually translated as flower 花. Other kanji or kanji combinations can form this name as well. More meanings for 鼻 Hana nose noun.

Google translate says is I dont know that name yet but Ive found that its sometimes translated as the flower that we saw that day and we still dont know the name of the flower we saw that day. Hannah name meaning is Affection. Ive found three translations.

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The different meanings of the name Hana are. Hana has several different meanings. Meaning History.

Forms of Hana include the African Arabic and Swahili Hanaa the Japanese Hanae the name Hanah the Japanese Hanako the name Hanan the name Haneen the name Hanicka and the name Hanka. What does Hannah means in Japanese. It can also come from 亜 a meaning second Asia combined with 希 ki meaning hope.

In Maori Hana means to shine glow give out love or radiance. The name Hannah Arabic writing. Hana is generally used as a girls name.

Other kanji or combinations of kanji can form this name too. More About Name. Although she may be a little bit quirky sometimes shell always have it best interest at heart and will make sure you have the best day possible with the most amazing heart warming smile.

This is the name of Mother of Marry Wife Of Imran It means Delightful. The meaning of Hana is G-d is gracious. She absolutely loves dogs and will do anything for them.

See Also in English. Asian Names Indian Names Japanese Names Nature Names.

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